Downtown Seattle Styled Shootout with Bre Thurston Photography

I just shared photos from the couples shoot from the third Blair + Thurston Retreat, and it reminded me I never shared this downtown Seattle styled shootout with Bre Thurston Photography. I attended ClickAway 2016 back in October and this was one of my favorite classes I attended. I’m excited to share my experience at the retreat soon, but you can read about my experience attending Bre and Elena’s first retreat in Malibu until then.

If you’re a reader of this blog, you know that Bre is a good friend of mine. I’m also a huge fan of her work: she photographed my sister’s wedding at Boundary Oak a year and a half ago and she is the reason I am a wedding photographer now! I was lucky enough to second shoot for her at several weddings this year, including one at the stunning Saratoga Springs and the charming Los Altos History Museum. So when I was signing up for classes at ClickAway, I knew I couldn’t miss Bre’s styled shootout.

Downtown Seattle Styled Shoot Bride and Groom in Post Alley

Bre definitely didn’t disappoint! For the bride, she found a gorgeous model with the most incredible red hair and fair skin. Luckily, the model Tova also has an extremely handsome boyfriend she was able to convince to model with her. It was actually really funny because he was meeting Tova’s parents for the first time just a few days later. They ended up pranking her parents and pretending they’d eloped by sharing some photos from the shoot!

We had such a great time wandering around downtown Seattle photographing this beautiful couple. We started in an alley, moved to Pike Place Alley where we were lucky enough to catch a break in the tourists. As an aside, Pike Place Chowder is so good! Even Bostonite Sam, who is a bit of a snob when it comes to clam chowder, loved it.

We ended up down on the waterfront, which was the perfect backdrop for Tova’s stunning dress with its amazing full tulle skirt. It was definitely interesting shooting with so many other photographers and seeing how everyone approached the couple differently. I challenged myself to shoot a bit more like a second shooter and loved the end result. Thanks again to Bre Thurston Photography for putting together such a fabulous styled shootout in downtown Seattle!

Downtown Seattle Styled Shoot Bride and Groom climbing stairs in front of graffiti Seattle Styled Shoot Bride and Groom in Alley Groom hugging redhaired bride in alley Red Haired bride and groom walking downtown Bride with Red Hair on the Waterfront Groom and Red Haired bride in front of Blue Wall Red Haired Bride twirling on the pier Bride and Groom at Pike Place Market at Night


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