Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite flowers. I always look forward to the cherry trees blooming in the spring and wish they would last longer than those few glorious days. I absolutely adore those delicate pink blossoms! One of the main reasons I first started making crepe papers was due to a gorgeous ombre […]

Jeff and Carly’s beautiful Half Moon Bay beach wedding was a true DIY affair. Carly’s brother DJed, Jeff’s dad was the videographer, and they made their own invitations and wedding favors. I first met Jeff through solar car, but really got to know him when he joined the Google self driving car project (now Waymo!) […]

I always love photographing weddings, but I have to admit it’s even better when the bride and groom are good friends of mine. There’s something so incredible about getting to photograph the marriage of two people I love dearly. This stunning Crane Cottage wedding was a truly beautiful, classic Southern affair set among the Spanish-moss […]

As a wedding photographer, I realized quickly that the little details of a wedding are incredibly important. I got tired of smoothing out wrinkles from bed sheets or trying to make ugly carpets look better and decided to make my own DIY linen styling board so I had a consistent, clean background for my detail […]

I was introduced to Tim and Jake by Gina of Make it Mariko Events, their wedding coordinator. Gina and Tim are actually both coworkers of mine, but I had never met Tim before! When we met up for coffee to discuss the wedding, I was immediately struck by how incredible Tim is. His boundless enthusiasm […]

When I was little we would make the 9 hour drive up to my grandpa’s summer home in Oregon every year. Located between Eugene and Springfield, surrounded by evergreen Douglas firs, the summer home is the perfect place to escape the world. As children, even when internet and cell phones became a common part of […]