When Jade and Cory told me they wanted to have their engagement session at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, I was so excited! Despite being a born and bred Bay Area girl, it turns out I haven’t visited a lot of the famous touristy places. I almost always do my engagement sessions at sunset […]

I’m not entirely sure who came up with the concept, but in the last year or so, my friends have started to host events they call Michelin Night. The basic idea is a potluck… but fancy. Gather a group of ~10 people and tell each person to prepare their own dish, with servings for every […]

This Brooklyn engagement session is especially near and dear. I’ve known the lovely bride-to-be Finianne ever since we were little. There’s actually a photo with both of us in it when we were around 3 or 4 on my grandparent’s wall. Finianne’s mom and my dad used to work together and we often spent time […]

It’s been lovely having a few months off from photography, but I have been itching to get back into it too. I am so excited that engagement sessions are starting up. I’ve been looking forward to photographing this couple because Anika is one of my coworkers. We went through a driving course up at the […]

It’s always taken me weeks (sometimes months) to get used to writing in the correct year for dates come January… but it is 2018 now! 2018 is already shaping up to be my busiest wedding season yet, and I am actually almost fully booked up, which is crazy. Side note, if you’re interested in having […]

I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! We spent our days off at my sister’s house and literally didn’t leave except for Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents’. The rest of the time was spent playing board games and eating. (We cycled through Seafall, Pandemic Legacy Season 2 and Terraforming Mars, in case […]